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Got an urgent job and need a Toyota Hilux diff replacement in a hurry?

Hilux Spares has a wide range of high quality used and genuine new diffs and parts ready for immediate dispatch to all corners of Australia and New Zealand – we aim to freight your order within 24 hours of receiving payment.

From our Melbourne-based wreckers yard we buy in top quality Toyota Hilux wrecks from which we salvage the very best diff units, for both rear-drive and 4wd versions of this best-selling range of pick-ups and cab chassis workhorses.

And because we pick only the best examples of the Hilux, the differential parts we salvage from them are top quality, too.

In fact, we’re so confident of how good our diffs are, we stick a no-fuss six-month warranty on every Hilux diff that we sell.

We specialise in the Hilux Gen 7 and Gen 8 models, so if you need a replacement differential for a petrol or diesel, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, manual or automatic, be sure to contact our team of Hilux experts on (03) 8770 2277.

You’ll receive excellent service and a fantastic price.

Because we sell top quality   Toyota Hilux diffs , we’re proud to supply them with a six-month warranty*

If you’re in the market for a replacement Hilux diff, we keep a good stock and provide a six-month warranty

We don’t just buy in any old Toyota Hilux to wreck for our supply of replacement differentials , we carefully select only the very best examples.

Our pre-sale inspection is thorough – we test each Hilux diff to ensure it’s in fine working order.

And that’s why we have the confidence to sell our Hilux differentials with a fuss-free six-month warranty*.

Now, we know that you might find a Toyota Hilux diff a bit cheaper at another wreckers, but we’re convinced that our approach to quality means that our price represents first-class value for money.

If you’d like to find out more about our quality standards and warranty conditions before you make a purchase from us, then please give us a call on (03) 8770 2277.

We have   genuine new Toyota Hilux diffs   for sale, too

The majority of the Toyota Hilux diffs that we sell are quality used examples.

But if you require a genuine new Hilux differential, we can supply that, too.

Whatever type of Toyota Hilux differential you need, our comprehensive knowledge of the Toyota global supply chain means we can source a brand new one from the same place that Toyota gets them.

We can also source Hilux diff spare parts.

And because we’ve cut out the middle-man, you’ll find our prices very competitive.

There are bound to be occasions when we don’t have the exact you need part in stock, but give us a call on (03) 8770 2277, and we’ll do our best to hunt one down for you.

What Toyota Hilux model do you need a diff replacement for?

Our friendly and experienced customer service team know everything there is to know about Toyota Hilux replacement differential units and can help you search for the right diff – used or genuine new – for the vehicle you’re working on.

The best way to identify precisely what Hilux you have, is if you supply us the VIN number.

But if you just want to get the conversation started with us, here are the basic details of the Toyota Hilux models sold in Australia over the past few years:

7th Generation Hilux: 2005 to 2011

7th Generation Hilux series II: 2011 to 2015

7th Generation Toyota Hilux. Engines – 2.7-litre 4-cyl petrol 2TR-FE (2wd only): 118kW | 3.0-litre 4-cyl D-4D turbo diesel 1KD-FTV: 126kW | 4.0-litre V6 turbo diesel 1GR-FE: 175kW. Transmissions – 5-speed manual | 4-speed automatic | 5-speed automatic | rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive with transfer box.

8th Generation Hilux: 2015 to 2018

8th Generation Hilux series II: 2018 to date

8th Generation Toyota Hilux. Engines – 2.7-litre 4-cyl petrol 2TR-FE: 122kW | 2.4-litre 4-cyl turbo diesel 2GD-FTV: 110kW | 2.8-litre 4-cyl turbo diesel 1GD-FTV | 3.0-litre 4-cyl turbo diesel 1KD-FTV: 126kW. Transmissions – 5-speed manual (2wd only)| 6-speed manual | 5-speed automatic | 6-speed automatic | rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive with transfer box.

Keep updated with our Toyota Hilux differential arrivals – visit our   Wrecking Now   page

Our Wrecking Now page is subject to frequent updates as new quality stock arrives

We do a brisk trade in parts for Toyota’s best-selling vehicle, so our inventory is aways changing as we buy in the next high quality wreck to salvage differentials and countless other components from.

You can stay in the loop about what Toyota Hilux models have just come in through the gates of our Melbourne wreckers yard by paying a regular visit to our Wrecking Now page.

Alternatively, contact one of our Hilux experts on (03) 8770 2277, to discover what we’re hoping to acquire soon.

Keep updated…: Our Wrecking Now page is subject to frequent updates as new quality stock arrives